Who We Support

Thin Line Offroad was founded on the idea that someone needs to help those who help us, I.E. our first responders. Therefore, Thin Line supports various non-profit’s and funds that are set up specifically to help responding agencies and families of their members.

To date, Thin Line Offroad has raised funds for the following causes:

  St. Clair County Dive Team Auxiliary: The St. Clair County Sheriff Dive Team is one of the busiest dive teams in the country. Comprised of a large group of volunteers, the team is in constant need of funds to upgrade and maintain aging equipment. This team has been instrumental in the rescue of many individuals, and has assisted other counties and Canada on multiple occasions.

  The U.P. Peace Officer Memorial Fund: Set up specifically to assist the families of fallen officers in the Upper Peninsula, this fund supports officers from a wide array of departments.

  Chesterfield Honor Guard: Founded for funeral costs of fallen officers, they also support the families of those officers, and are currently setting up a scholarship for anyone wishing to attend the Macomb Police Academy.

  Humanizing The Badge: A non-profit fund set up that helps in many ways, including disaster relief, Humanizing the Badge works to build positive relationships between the police and the community, especially between police and youth.

If you are aware of a non-profit or fund set up for first responders that could use some help, please contact us!